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Portfolio: Project Support

Agency Support

One of our agency relationships is with a mid-sized public relations firm where we are more like in-house staff. We’re a trusted member of their team, working on everything from proposals to the research and management of their media lists to distribution of different types of mailings on behalf of a wide range of clients. We design all of their broadcast emails; some slightly more creative for those clients that would benefit from visually capturing the attention of the media (and it’s been reported that those emails have stood out from the crowd). They’re a very talented group of professionals who rely on us to help them in many ways.

Corporate Support

Our work with marketing people at major corporations often focuses on media list development and dissemination of information to the media. These clients need outreach done for grand openings, product announcements, seasonal stories and much more. They are used to working with professionals with a lot of experience and a high degree of professionalism and we’ve been told that we’re a valued member of their teams.

Consultant Support

Our work with consultants and individual public relations professionals is as varied as they are. Media lists and mailings are high on the list of the work they have us handle, but we’ve helped in lots of other ways as well – from report generation to helping the travel and tourism department of a New England state get the word out about the events in their state, and more. These professionals know the qualities it takes to provide excellent service to their clients and know that they can count on us to provide the support they need.

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